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A.60.3A21 – Direct Mount Miniature External GPS L1 Timing Antenna

Direct Mount Miniature External GPS L1 Timing Antenna

The Taoglas A.60 is a high-performance, high-rejection active GPS (L1 – 1575.42MHz), external permanent mount antenna. It has a high gain of 30dB all enclosed in a rugged PC/ABS enclosure with a diameter of just 44.3mm and an extremely low height of 13mm. The small size and direct mounting making it a perfect solution for small-cell timing applications used in close proximity to Wi-Fi and other cellular transmitters.

The integrated filters feature very good rejection across all non-GPS frequencies to prevent overdriving or damaging your GPS receiver from nearby transmitters. At the commonly used LTE frequencies between 700MHz-850MHz, the A.60 features greater than 60 dB of rejection. Between 1700MHz-1910MHz, approximately 50 dB of rejection. Even with the very good out of band rejection, the A.60 maintains a very low noise figure of 2.0 dB at 1575.42 MHz. This low noise figure minimizes the overall signal degradation typically caused by losses in transmission lines.

The enclosure is IP67 rated and when mounted, making it ideal for use in harsh, humid, and wet environments. The enclosure is made from durable UV resistant PC, weighing 28g (1oz), making it extremely light and economical for shipping. The A.60 antenna has high efficiency of 63% and a system gain of 31.18dB.

Typical applications include:
  • Base Stations
  • Connected Enterprise
  • Navigation

The A.60 comes with a direct mount MCX female connector and 4 x 4-40 UNC screw holes for ease of installation. For more information contact your regional Taoglas customer support team.

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