Image LPF.12.01


Airvu LPF.12 1.2GHz Low Pass Filter

The Airvu 1.2GHz Low Pass Filter is placed on the end of the antenna port to help eliminate or reduce radio interference problems on UAVs. It does this in two ways
  1. It reduces out of band noise entering the receiver that causes effects such as reduction of control range
  2. It reduces the antenna transmissions of out of band noise affecting other circuitry on your UAV (such as disrupting the GPS receiver leading to loss of fix, or a live video stream at 5.8GHz)

The LPF.12.01 internal ceramic filter has better insertion loss and stopband performance than competing LTCC or lumped element filters, while also having good rejection at band edges. It uses a standard SMA(M) Plug to SMA(F) Jack interface. This filter is designed to be easily screwed onto this standard antenna SMA connector. Custom versions can be made subject to NRE and MOQ. Contact your regional Taoglas office for support.

Note that there can still be noise issues that a filter cannot solve. Such as noise that can be radiated directly from the transmitter board and any wiring. Also, no filter can protect from in-band noise within the assigned operating frequency of the receiver. Always try to place noisy components as far away from a receiver and antenna as possible.

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