Image PA.25A


Anam PA.25A 35*6*5mm 3G/2G SMD PIFA Antenna

The PA.25A is ceramic cellular antenna designed for in-device mounting. The PA.25A is mounted through SMT process and can be used in varying applications based on it’s small form factor of just 35*6*5mm.

Typical Applications Include:
– Body Worn Devices
– Hand-held IoT Devices
– Remote Monitoring

This ceramic multiband cellular antenna uses high grade ceramics which have been developed in Taoglas through years of expertise in delivering the right materials for high performance antennas. Taoglas, through constant research and development have designed a small form factor high efficiency antenna for use across cellular bands from 800MHz to 2170MHz.

The PA.25A is manufactured and tested in our IATF16949 approved facility.

The PA.25 is a unique SMT solution which is delivered on tape and reel. For very detailed integration information additional to this specification please download our comprehensive PA.25 integration application note from our website. For further information, please contact your regional Taoglas customer support team.

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