Image AP.10H.01


AP.10H GPS/GALILEO 2 Stage SMD Active Patch 10*11.5*10mm

The AP.10H.01 two-stage 25dB active GPS/GALILEO patch antenna is the smallest SMT GPS/GALILEO high performance embedded antenna currently available in the world. Using extremely sensitive high dielectric constant powder formulation and tight process control the 10mm x 10mm x 4mm patch antenna is accurately tuned to have its frequency band right at 1575.42MHz for GPS/GALILEO systems. A patented SMT structure gives high reliability in integration. With an ultra-low power consumption two-stage LNA with Saw Filter, this small active patch has the performance of an ordinary active patch, but at only a quarter of the size. This product is suited to small form factor mobile devices such as GPS/GALILEO Smartphones, Personal Location, Medical devices, Telematic devices and Automotive navigation and tracking. Custom gain, connector and cable versions are available. The AP.10H consists of 2 functional blocks – the LNA and also the patch antenna.

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