Image MB.TG30.A.305111


Apex Magforce MB.TG30 5G/4G Magnetic Mount

The Apex Magforce MB.TG30.A.305111 Magnetic Mounted LTE Antenna with cable and connector is primarily designed for use with 4G LTE modules that require highest possible efficiency and peak gain to deliver best in class throughput on all major LTE bands worldwide for terminal applications. The antenna can be easily mounted on any metal plate. This Magnetic Mount LTE antenna utilizes the highly successful TG.30 antenna as its main element, providing an ultra wide-band response so it can also be used for other cellular and wireless applications such as fallback to 3G, WI-FI, and assisted GPS.

With its unique ultra-wideband dipole design, best in industry performance characteristics is provided, with up to 90% efficiency. It is the recommended solution for products that require the highest standard network certifications. The radiation patterns are Omni-directional and stable across all bands. It has a quality robust IP67 housing (connector and the magnetic base is IP65) for use with wireless devices. The antenna comes as standard with 3 meters CFD/TGC-200 low loss coaxial cable and a SMA male connector. A super magnet in the base provides a strong magnetic bond (max magnetic Pull Force 2.92kgf) to the metal surface it is mounted on.

Cable length and connector type are customizable for a minimum order quantity. Contact your regional Taoglas office for support.