Image CGGP.25.4.E.02


CGGP.25.4.E.02 25*25*4mm GPS/GLONASS/Galileo Patch Antenna

High-Efficiency Antenna for GPS and RTK

The CGGP.25.4.E.02 is a is a high-efficiency antenna for GPS and RTK applications. The 25*25*4mm embedded ceramic GPS/GLONASS/GALILEO Patch antenna. It features a double resonance design at GPS/GALILEO and GLONASS bands, 1575.42 MHz, and 1602 MHz respectively. This antenna has been tuned for a center position on a 70mm*70mm ground plane. Return loss is -28 dB at 1575.42MHz and -22 dB at GLONASS. Overall the antenna has greater than 60% efficiency.

For further optimization to customer-specific device environments where positioning is off center or a different ground-plane size, custom-tuned patch antennas can be supplied. For more information, please contact your regional customer services office.

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