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Evaluation Board for GPSF.36 GPS L1/L2 36*36*7mm Single Feed Stacked Patch Passive Antenna


Evaluation Board for Highest Accuracy Antenna
Low Axial Ratio < 2.7 GPS Antenna
GPS L1+L2 Band Operation
Single Feed Patch Assembly
L1:1575MHz; Axial Ratio 1.69 @1575.42 MHz
L2:1227MHz; Axial Ratio 2.70 @1227.6MHz
Evaluation Board Dimensions: 70*70mm


Image GPSFD.36.A


Evaluation Board for GPSF.36 GPS L1/L2 36*36*7mm Single Feed Stacked Patch Passive Antenna


Evaluation Board for High Accuracy GPS L1/L2 Low Profile, Low Axial-Ratio Antenna

The GPSF.36.7.A.30 is a 36x36mm ceramic GPS L1/L2 low profile, low axial-ratio, embedded stacked passive patch antenna with a 7mm height. It is designed as a high-performance yet economical solution for the highest accuracy centimeter-level tracking in telematics applications.

Typical applicable industries are:

  • UAVs and Drones
  • Transportation
  • Autonomous Vehicles
  • Marine
  • Agriculture
  • Navigation

This compact antenna exhibits excellent gain and radiation pattern stability on both L1 and L2 bands, improved reliability of a GPS fix in urban areas, better signal reception with more satellites acquired, and a quicker time to first fix. The antenna has been tuned and tested on a 70 X 70 mm ground plane, working at GPS1575.42 MHz and L2 1227.6MHz, with 5.44 dBi gain and 3.10 dBi gain, respectively. It can be easily through-hole mounted on PCB via pin. The double-sided adhesive on the bottom of the patch helps to keep it in place while being assembled.

For further optimization to customer-specific device environments, a custom-tuned patch antenna and circuit integration service into your device can be supplied, subject to NRE and MOQ.

Contact your regional Taoglas office for this requirement, and for support to integrate and test this antennas performance in your device.

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