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Evaluation Board for HA.21 868MHz 2dBi Helical Monopole Antenna


Evaluation Board for 868MHz Helical Monopole Antenna
Quarter wave-length monopole
Mechanically Sturdy in a compact size
2dBi Peak Gain, 70% efficiency
Evaluation Board Dimensions: 80.1*159.1mm

Image HAD.B.21


Evaluation Board for HA.21 868MHz 2dBi Helical Monopole Antenna


Evaluation Board for HA.21 868MHz 2dBi Helical Monopole Antenna

The HA.21.A is an ISM 868MHz quarter-wave monopole helical antenna. Small and compact, yet stable, this helical coil antenna is ideal for typical 868MHz applications such as;

  • Smart Metering
  • Smart security systems
  • Remote asset monitoring and other wireless communication devices.

The helical coil antenna offers industry-leading 70% efficiency at 868MHz on a 126.8 x 80.1mm ground plane, with matching components (orthogonally mounted to ground plane, see HAD.B.21 performance). Made of copper alloy, the helical coil is mechanically sturdy. It can be easily mounted on the surface by soldering. Since it is a monopole design, it must be connected to the main-board device ground-plane to radiate efficiently.

Taoglas has two models of evaluation boards, HAD.A.21 and HAD.B.21, to show performance when the antenna is parallel mounted, or orthogonally mounted to the ground plane. Small embedded antennas can easily detune or lose efficiency on different boards and in different device environments. Taoglas offers a testing and tuning service for custom antennas, subject to NRE and MOQ.

For more information or installation instructions please contact your regional Taoglas customer service team.

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