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Evaluation Board for PA.176.A – 5G/4G High-Band Cellular SMD Antenna


Evaluation Board for Patent Pending Ceramic Antenna
Covering 1.7 – 6GHz
High Efficiency across all Upper Cellular Bands
Small Footprint
Evaluation Board Dimensions: 20*60mm
Surface Mount Distribution (SMD) – Supplied on Tape & Reel
Manufactured in our IATF16949 Certified Facility
CE Certified, RoHS and REACH Compliant

Image PAD.176.A


Evaluation Board for PA.176.A – 5G/4G High-Band Cellular SMD Antenna


Evaluation Board for Miniature 5G/4G High-Band Cellular SMD Antenna

The PA.176.A is a patent-pending, 5G/4G hide-band cellular SMD antenna designed especially for direct mount on a device’s PCB. It provides very high efficiency across multiple cellular bands, operating between 1.7 – 6GHz, in an extremely small form factor. The shape and compact size of just 20*10*3mm allow the PA.176.A to be easily integrated solution for mounting on the edge of the device’s PCB. It is lightweight and is the perfect antenna for mounting on a PCB where space may be limited, as the keep-out area for other electronic components, is minimal. This also allows you to place multiple PA.176.A antennas in close proximity for MIMO configurations. Using SMD (on-board) antennas saves on assembly, cable, and connector costs. SMD antennas also lead to higher integration yield rates, higher transmit power and higher sensitivity.

Typical cellular applications include:
– Telematic Control and On-board Diagnostic Units
– Wireless Medical Devices
– First Responder and Public Safety Devices
– UAV’s and Robotics
– Media and Smart Home

Care should be taken to follow layout instructions, provided in Section 6 of the datasheet, and in placing an antenna on the edge of the board with adequate clearance to metal. Minimum ground-plane requirements must be met to achieve targeted efficiencies. The PA.176.A is manufactured in Taoglas’ IATF16949 Certified Facility and is suitable for automotive applications.

Taoglas provides optimization services for matching, and active TRP, TIS and RSE testing. Integration files for the PA.176.A can be downloaded below. For further information or additional support please contact your regional Taoglas customer support team.

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