Image FXP832.03.0458D


Freedom FXP832 2.4/4.9-6.0GHz Flex PCB Antenna, 458mm RG-174

The Freedom FXP832 is a breakthrough, very high efficiency, small, dual-band Wi-Fi dipole omni-directional antenna for 2.4/5GHz bands. This antenna is designed for DSRC, V2V, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, Zigbee and other applications in these bands. It is designed in such a narrow rectangular form factor to cover most of the current applications on the market. Taoglas FXP series are conformal flexible antennas and can fit irregular housings. With dimensions of 42*7*.01mm, it comes with double-sided 3M tape for easy “peel and stick” mounting. This longer cable length version of the FXP832 is ideal for applications in embedded industrial and automotive environments.

Typical Applications include:
  • Automotive
  • Remote Monitoring
  • Security

Like all embedded omni-directional antennas, care should be taken to keep the antenna away from metal as much as possible, a minimum of 10mm is recommended. The cable length and connector type are fully customizable, for more information contact your regional Taoglas Customer Support Team.

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