Image FW.24.SMA.M


Meteor FW.24.SMA.M 2.4GHz Flexible Whip Monopole Antenna, SMA(M)

Flexible 2.4GHz Whip Antenna

The FW.24 is a flexible 2.4GHz whip antenna with an SMA(M) connector for outdoor use. It features excellent efficiency (>75%) and high peak gain (>4 dBi) between 2400-2500MHz on a 30*30cm ground plane. The antenna was specifically developed for applications such as weather monitoring systems, motion/vibration sensors, pollution monitoring, and border guard monitoring systems. The FW.24 works in the 2.4 GHz Wi-Fi/Bluetooth/ISM band with high efficiency, meaning that it allows your radio to consume less power than with a lower efficiency antenna when transferring data.

The antenna performs at its best while attached to a ground plane with dimensions of at least 30*30cm. The whip is made of a flexible inner steel core covered by PE so it is extremely resistant to abrasion and maintains its original shape and RF performance. This rugged design and IP65 rating has been tested by customers to withstand environmental stress and moderate physical shock in the field. The FW.24.SMA.M 2.4GHz antenna provides a simple solution to any outdoor devices where the FW.24 antenna’s rugged design and high efficiency can provide the best value to the application.

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