Image FXR.06.52.0075X.A.dg


FXR.06.52.0075X.A.dg NFC Flex PCB antenna with 75mm Twisted Pair 28AWG cable and ACH(F), 47*47*0.24mm

The FXR.06.52.0075X.A is an NFC Ferrite antenna on 75mm twisted pair 28AWG cable with JST connector. It works with specific NFC chips which need to connect via JST ACH connector. NFC antennas can be applied in areas not traditionally available to other types of antennas. A common example is the ability to apply NFC antennas to batteries or other conductive surfaces. To enable this usage, however, a ferrite flux director layer is required. This ferrite layer acts to steer the magnetic flux away from the metal or other conductor, where it would otherwise result in loss or complete failure to communicate. Taoglas NFC antennas can therefore be customized with flux director layers to enable this flexibility in usage. The coil inductance noted below can help estimate a capacitance value for creating resonance at 13.56MHz.

Typical applications
  • Mobile devices
  • Electronic wallets
  • Health care ID scanners
  • Payment readers
  • Office ID
  • Access control
  • Internet Of Things

Customized antennas for specific applications, shape, and impedance match can also be provided for an NRE and subject to MOQ. Contact your regional Taoglas sales office for more information and support on our NFC antenna range.

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