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GSA.8859 4dBi 5.9GHz Adhesive Mount C-V2X Miniature Antenna

Adhesive Mount C-V2X Antenna

The GSA.8859 is an external adhesive mount C-V2X antenna for 5850-5925MHz. The GSA.8859 at only 10mm in height and 30 x 36mm is a very compact size enabling flexibility of integration. It can be mounted on or plastic surfaces easily with the double-sided adhesive. The antenna features peak gain at 4.14 dBi on glass and 3.24 dBi on 2mm plastic.

C-V2X is the communications medium of choice for active safety V2V/V2X (Vehicle-to-Vehicle and Vehicle-to-Other) systems. Primarily allocated for vehicle safety applications, C-V2X supports high-speed, low-latency, short-range, V2V/V2X wireless communications.

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