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Hercules MA130 2in1 GPS/GLONASS/Galileo & 868MHz Permanent Mount Antenna Ø48*29mm

The MA130 Hercules antenna is a GPS/GLONASS/GALILEO and ISM Band 868MHz combination 2in1 high performance solution for remote monitoring. The integrated metal thread-mount allows for external use on vehicles and outdoor assets worldwide. The 868MHz ISM Band antenna has an inbuilt ground-plane and comparatively wide-bandwidth of 30MHz+, at a minimum return loss of -10dB from 850MHz to 880MHz, delivering complete stability of performance when mounted on a ground-plane or in free-space, thus permitting a wide variety of installations. The omni-directional gain pattern, with a peak gain of 4dBi when using shorter cable lengths, ensures constant reception and transmission. The GPS/GLONASS/GALILEO antenna has been optimized to work on both GPS/GALILEO and GLONASS bands, allowing the antenna to see the maximum amount of satellites in the sky and improving tracking accuracy enormously especially in built up areas, such as urban canyons where traditional GPS-only solutions struggle to maintain a lock driving around corners.

A front-end SAW filter attenuates any nearby out-of-band wireless transmissions so the GPS/GALILEO LNA is not driven into compression or damaged. The Hercules is also prized by the leading wireless device brands globally due to its unique mechanical construction. The compact size, IP65 rated enclosure and rugged polycarbonate construction, which can withstand direct attack and hazards such as tree-branches are un-matched in the industry. The standard option comes with 200mm cables and SMA(M) connectors. The cable length and connector are customizable. Taoglas supplies low loss extension cables according to your requirement. Maximum cable length should not go beyond 5 meters. The Hercules is also available in White. Contact your regional sales office for further information.

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