Image ILA.01


ILA.01 915MHz 1dBi 10*3.2*0.5mm Ceramic Loop Antenna

Automotive 915 ISM Antenna (USA)

The ILA.01 is an automotive 915 MHz ISM band antenna (USA) with excellent efficiency, 60% at the center frequency and 45% at the band edges. This antenna works the best when placed at the center of the board edge. The antenna, at 10 x 3.2 x 0.5 mm, is low profile and would be suitable for devices with space constraints. The ILA.01 is delivered on tape and reel and now allows M2M customers to use an omnidirectional SMT antenna. The omnidirectional radiation characteristics allow for excellent performance regardless of device orientation. This is especially useful for devices that are not fixed in one particular spot during use. When there is little PCB space available for antenna placement, but high performance is required, the ILA.01 is the ideal choice. The ILA.01 Loop antenna can be used in automated meter reading (AMR), radio frequency identification (RFID), remote monitoring, healthcare, sensing, and other 915 MHz applications.

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