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IP67 Wi-Fi 6 2.4/5.8/7.125GHz Terminal Antenna


2.4/5.8/7.1GHz Band Operation
Wi-Fi 6/7 Compatible
Waterproof for Outdoor Use – IP67 Rating
6.5dBi Gain
High Efficiency
Hinged RP-SMA (M) Connector
Height: 123.7mm
Diameter: 13mm
RoHS & Reach Compliant

Image GW.49.A153


IP67 Wi-Fi 6 2.4/5.8/7.125GHz Terminal Antenna


IP67 Wi-Fi 2.4/5.8/7.125GHz Dipole Antenna

The Taoglas GW.49 is a IP67, 2.4/5.8/7.125GHz Wi-Fi terminal mount dipole antenna. At just 123.7mm in height and 13mm in diameter, the robust IP67 PC+PBT enclosure can be mounted indoor or outdoor straight or at right angle to the device with its hinged RP-SMA(M) connector. It is ideal for applications such as Bluetooth, BLE, ZigBee, Wi-Fi 6 & 7 and Wireless LAN. The GW.49, designed for superior performance and reliability, has an omnidirectional radiation pattern and extremely high efficiency and gain on all Wi-Fi bands.

Typical applications include:

– Smart Home – Gateways/Routers – Connected Agriculture

The GW.49 has optimized Peak Gain making it a cost-effective, high-performing choice for any indoor or outdoor application. Many module manufacturers specify peak gain limits for any antennas that are to be connected to that module. Those peak gain limits are based on free-space conditions. In practice, the peak gain of an antenna tested in free-space can degrade by at least 1 or 2dBi when installed. So ideally you should go for a slightly higher peak gain antenna than mentioned on the module specification to compensate for this effect.

This great product has an RP-SMA (M) connector as standard and is an ideal solution for any device requiring reliable performance in a slim form factor. The innovative hinge design not only provides flexibility when mounting the antenna, but its weatherproof, IP67 rating, means it be used in outdoor locations where potential water ingress would prevent other terminal mount antennas from being used.

For further information, or support to test and integrate this product please contact your regional Taoglas customer support team.

Technical Specification
Name Value
Antenna Type External Antennas, Wi-Fi/Bluetooth
Impedance 50
Minimum Operating Temperature -40°C
Maximum Operating Temperature 85°C
Mounting Style Terminal
Termination Style Connector
Antenna Connector Type RP-SMA
Polarity Linear
Frequency Range 2.4 / 5.8 / 7.125GHz
Connector Polarity Reverse
Cable Length (mm) n/a
Packaging PE Bag, Carton
IP Rating IP67
RoHS Yes
Gain (Max) 3.8
Wi-Fi Bands 2.4/5.8/7.125GHz
Length (mm) 123
Width (mm) 13
Height (mm) 13
Weight (g) n/a

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