Image LWB02.A.505111


LWB02.A.505111 External 4G LTE Wide Band 790-960/1710-2700MHz External Wall and Pole Mount Antenna Dipole with 5m CFD200 SMA(M)

External, Omnidirectional, 4G LTE antenna

The LWB02 is an external, omnidirectional, 4G LTE antenna for use in worldwide telematics and cellular communication. Its flat and compact blade design, with a wide frequency range and high gain across all bands, can be used in global telematics, transportation, and remote monitoring applications.

4G LTE applications demand high-speed data uplink and downlink. The LWB02, utilizing low loss cables, provides high efficiency and high gain to achieve these requirements over long cable lengths.

High efficiency and high gain 4G LTE Antenna

The heavy-duty, fully IP67, waterproof housing can be used for either outdoor or indoor environments and with the mounting shaft, it can be easily fixed to walls or poles. The antenna casing and the mounting shaft use heat resistant, high impact, UV stabilized ASA resin, making it extremely robust.

Lower loss LMR400 or CFD400 cable can be used to directly connect to the on-board connector to extend the cable length. Options to use lower loss LMR400 or CFD400 cable are accommodated through the onboard connector in the bracket.

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