Image FW.81.SMA.M


Meteor FW.81 135MHz Flexible Whip, SMA(M)

Meteor 135MHz 0dBi Flexible Whip Monopole Omnidirectional Antenna

The Meteor FW.81 is a 0dBi 135MHz ISM band 1/4 wavelength monopole flexible whip antenna with omnidirectional pattern optimized in the azimuth for wide coverage range in typical 135MHz applications such as Wireless M-Bus metering. It is also used in remote asset monitoring applications, alarms, paging systems, and private mobile radio services. The Meteor has an IP65 housing. This antenna like all low-frequency monopole antennas needs to be mounted to a metal plate to radiate. For a waterproof integration to a metal box a waterproof panel-mount SMA connector or cable assembly can be provided. TNC and N-type antenna versions are also available. This whip is made up of a flexible inner steel core covered by TPU so extremely resistant to collisions and maintaining its original shape and RF performance. Customized frequency and gain versions can be supplied.

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