Image FW.91.TNC.M


Meteor FW.91 4G/3G/2G Cellular Flexible Whip, TNC(M)

The FW.91 is a flexible cellular whip antenna with IP67 rated housing. It has a wide response and high peak gain. Ideal for outdoor environments that require high gain, on both lower and upper bands. Its unique characteristic is stable peak gain across common 4G and 3G cellular bands used worldwide. Typical applications include smart metering, remote asset monitoring and telematics monitoring.

The FW.91 antenna radiates best when attached to a metal plate but it can still perform well without as evidenced in the datasheet. It can be supplied with an ‘L’-shaped wall mount bracket, as WM.91. A.305111. Testing of the whip antenna on the bracket, in free-space, and on a reference ground-plane has been conducted and shows the benefit of the L-bracket.

This antenna delivers wider coverage areas and more reliable connections for professional customers in the automotive, industrial industries. The whip is made up of a flexible inner steel core covered by robust TPU which makes it extremely resistant to impact and ensures it maintains its original shape and RF performance.

The FW.91 is supplied with a TNC connector as standard but this can be customized subject to NRE. For further information please contact your regional Taoglas customer support team.

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