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NCP.5820 – Extensis Small Form Factor NB-IoT Ceramic Antenna for Bands 5, 8 & 20

NB-IoT Ceramic Antenna for Bands 5, 8 & 20

The evolution of IoT connectivity has seen an urgent need for low power applications that can connect thousands of devices to the internet and Narrowband IoT (NB-IoT) is a new way to facilitate this demand. For a small compact embedded antenna, the Taoglas NCP.5820 fits will fit in many size challenged designs without performance compromises.

The Taoglas NCP.5820 supports Bands 5 (824-894MHz), 8 (880-960MHz) and 20 (791-862MHz) providing global NB-IoT coverage and demonstrates excellent efficiency across all bands.

The antenna measures just 14.1×8.3x2mm and as it is a surface mount antenna, it can be easily integrated into the smallest of devices. It allows device designers to take advantage of all of the benefits of NB-IoT technology, including reduced power consumption and increased battery life; increased system capacity and spectrum efficiency; and extended coverage in both rural and deep indoors environments all with a very small form factor. For Testing, the NCP.5820 can be supplied with the evaluation board NCPD.5820.

Overall, this antenna is suitable for applications that need to meet the following requirements:

  • Small footprint, low profile design factor
  • SMD Components for assembly accuracy and reliability
  • Excellent antenna efficiency helping to maintain better system gain, hence better device send and receive sensitivity (TRP & TIS)
  • Excellent antenna efficiency to aid lower power consumption and increased battery life
  • Global coverage for device roaming
  • 100% quality and performance testing prior to shipping for reliability and consistency

For more information or support with integrating this antenna into your device, please contact your regional Taoglas customer support team.

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