Image FXR.4030.A.dg


NFC Flex Antenna (40*30*0.355 mm) with a ferrite layer and adhesive backing

The FXR.4030.A.dg from the Taoglas FXR / FXC series is an NFC (Near Field Communications) antenna designed for high-performance two-way read/write operations at 13.56MHz. The compact, flexible antenna is supplied with a ferrite flux director and adhesive backing for ease of installation inside a plastic device enclosure. The ferrite flux directors to provides isolation from the battery or other electronic components within the device. The plated contact pads allow for connection to your device with pogo pins or connecting spring clips such as the Taoglas CC.001. We also offer a version a 75mm Twisted Pair 28AWG cable with an ACH(F) connector to allow for installation flexibility.

Typical NFC applications include:
    • Mobile devices
    • Wearable Smart Devices
    • Payment Terminals
    • Device tracking and ID systems
    • Access Control

Customized antennas for specific applications, shape, and impedance match can also be provided for an NRE and subject to MOQ. Contact your regional Taoglas sales office for more information and support on our NFC antenna range.