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PCS.60.A – Wideband 5G/4G & GNSS SMD Antenna

PCS.60.A – Wideband 5G/4G & GNSS SMD Antenna

The Taoglas Universe PCS.60A is a patent pending active Cellular and GNSS antenna designed specifically for IoT devices with small ground planes. With an unprecedented level of integration, it combines aperture tuning and active switching technologies to provide a wideband coverage for GNSS and most 5G/4G LTE cellular bands, including the most challenging 600-700MHz bands.

Typical applications include
  • Smart sensors requiring cellular and GNSS connectivity
  • Asset tracking
  • Wearable Technologies
  • Payment Terminals

The PCS.60.A has an RF switch to adjust the resonance frequency of the antenna depending on the device requirements. The aperture tuning technology allows the antenna to cover the whole spectrum of 5G/4G LTE bands by adjusting the resonant frequency of the antenna to the desired frequency band of operation. This allows the device to use the correct frequency band required by the radio module. Additionally, a second active switch can be simply added if either Cellular or GNSS needs to be selected depending on the capabilities of the radio module used.

The PCS.60.A, tuned for PCBs to a size of just 40 x 70m, makes it suitable for even the smallest of IoT and CAT-M devices. Typical applications include IoT devices such as smart sensors requiring cellular and GNSS connectivity, wearables or asset tracking. The antenna itself measures just 38 x 10 x 1.6mm and as it is manufactured from high grade FR4 PCB, it is lightweight, yet robust and it is supplied on tape and reel. <ahref=””>Contact your local Taoglas customer support team for advice on integrating the PCS.60.A into your device.

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