Image TLS.30.1F21


Shockwave TLS.30 ISM 433MHz -1.16dBi Permanent Mount Antenna, N Type(F)

Shockwave Wideband Permanent Mount Antenna

The Shockwave TLS.30.1F21 is a mechanically robust, waterproof, external antenna operating at the 433MHz band with an N type female connector. It has been designed to be used on a Ground Plane.

Common applications are, for example:
  • Mesh networks
  • Indoor/outdoor asset monitoring
  • Security systems
  • Remote control systems
  • Heavy-duty equipment/vehicle communication in harsh environments

The antenna has 55% efficiency and -1.1 dBi peak gain at ISM 433MHz on a 30×30 cm ground plane. Stable radiation patterns over low angles provides consistent gain in the horizontal plane, meaning that it is especially suitable for mesh networks or hot spots. A unique indent tab on the base of the antenna allows a wrench to be used to solidly lock the antenna on top of its mounting location while tightening up the nut beneath the metal panel. Waterproof O-rings around the bottom base prevent water from leaking under the antenna. The TLS.30 antenna is IP67 waterproof resistant against high-pressure water jets in commercial cleaning environments, which makes the antenna ideal for ISM 433MHz applications in harsh outdoor environments.

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