Image TFM.110A


TFM.110A – Surface Mount GNSS front end covering the full Multiband GNSS Spectrum

Surface mount GNSS front end covering the full Multiband GNSS Spectrum

The Taoglas TFM.110A is a surface-mount GNSS front end which covers L1/L2/L5 for multiband multi-constellation high-precision applications. The TFM.110A features a SAW/LNA/SAW/LNA topology in the signal path to prevent unwanted out-of-band interference from overdriving the GNSS LNAs or receiver. The SAW filters have been carefully selected and placed to provide excellent out-of-band rejection while also maintaining low noise figure.

Many currently available dual-band GNSS receivers require additional RF circuits between the antenna and the receiver to properly set the overall system noise figure. This requires additional development time for an otherwise simple integration. Many organizations don’t have the RF expertise to effectively design such a solution. The TFM.110 captures the required additional RF circuits in modular form, allowing the designer to simply place the TFM.110 between their GNSS antenna and GNSS receiver.

The TFM.110 offers > 25 dB gain across all applicable bands while maintaining a high Input P1dB of -25 dBm or better. Noise Figure is < 3.5 dB in the low bands and < 4.0 dB in the high bands. A wide input voltage of +1.8 to +5.5 VDC allows for easy integration in most GNSS systems.

TFM.110A Features & Benefits:
• Ease-of-integration – Single-package solution combines impedance matching, filter efficiency and low noise design for easy, drop-in use with any antenna or GNSS receiver
• Low-noise System Design – Integrated pre-filters deliver exceptional out-of-band rejection across multiple band configurations and neighbouring interference to properly set noise figure
• Dual-gain Stage Architecture – Cascaded LNAs, pre-filters and optimized impedance matching deliver sufficient gain to the GNSS receiver without signal-to-noise overload
• Low-profile Form Factor – Small footprint and low-profile design saves valuable real estate without the need for external components and routing
• Accelerated Development Cycles – 2+ years of development by antenna and RF design experts, delivering the highest levels of integration, manufacturability and robustness in a single package

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