Image TG.08.0723


TG.08.0723 Cellular GPS / GLONASS / Galileo / BeiDou Hinged Fakra Connector Mount Antenna 79.5mm length

High Efficiency Cellular and GNSS Passive Monopole Antenna

With hinged rotatable Fakra Code D connector the TG.08 is a monopole antenna for automotive telematics applications that provides wide coverage among cellular and GNSS frequencies and offers impressively high efficiencies. It fits in crowded device environments.

It’s robust brass hinge enables TG.08 to be oriented in all directions, allowing users to maximize performance with minimum effort. The Fakra connector gives additional mechanical robustness over a traditional SMA connector since it locks securely with its mate and will not come loose due to vibrations or impacts.

This 72mm long monopole antenna has good efficiency in the 700MHz to 2700MHz range, covering the 2G/3G/4G bands, as well as GPS/GLONASS/BEIDOU. When connected to a ground plane, it can achieve up to 75% efficiency at GPS and LTE bands.

Direct Mount LTE Fakra Antenna

The compact TG.08 is the worlds first direct mount LTE Fakra antenna. With its cellular and GNSS function, plus compact design, TG.08 is a great antenna for routers, vehicle tracking devices, telematic devices, and remote monitoring systems. It is also ideal for use in cellular modules with Assisted GPS functionality that can be implemented in various devices.

As with all monopole antennas, TG.08 works best when connecting directly to the ground-plane of the device main-board or to the device’s metal enclosure. For optimum radiation efficiency care should be taken to keep the radiating element of the antenna as far away from metal as possible.

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