Image TG.19.0112


TG.19 3G/2G Connector Mount Monopole Antenna

The TG.19 Quad-band GSM-DCS-PCS-CDMA-GPRS-EDGE 824MHz to 1990MHz monopole helical antenna is a quality robust antenna with high gain in a small form factor. Its tiny size allows it to be used inside as well as outside product housings. The connection is made via fixed right angle SMA(M) connector with a hardened waterproof PU casing. Care should be taken that the antenna is connected to the device main-board ground, through the mating connector grounding on the device main-board. For smaller ground-plane devices or for devices where a ground-connection to the antenna is not possible we recommend the TG.10 or TG.30 dipole antennas which do not need to couple to ground.

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