Image TI.85.2113


TI.85.2113 – 2dBi 868MHz Terminal Mount Dipole Antenna

868MHz Terminal Mount Dipole Antenna

The TI.85.2113 is a high performance 868MHz Terminal mount dipole antenna, it is 198mm tall and 13mm in diameter and can be mounted straight or right angled due to its hinged SMA(M) connector which comes as standard. This antenna performs very well in free space, making it an ideal solution in areas where there may be no ground plane.

Typical Applications include:

• Smart Metering
• Remote Monitoring
• Industrial IoT
• Connected Enterprise

The TI.85 is manufactured using TPEE which makes it very lightweight at just 22.5g. The swivel and hinge mechanism allows the antenna to be orientated in different directions which helps to avoid other antennas or objects. The antenna connector type can be customizable, please contact your regional Taoglas customer support team for installation guidelines or additional support to integrate and test this antenna’s performance in your device

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