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Triton TG.10 5G/4G Terminal Antenna

Triton TG.10 5G/4G Terminal Antenna

The TG.10 Triton is a dipole 5G/4G antenna designed for use with the next generation of router and gateway applications. Covering the full 600-6000MHz cellular frequency spectrum, the TG.10 Triton is ideal for applications where a wideband dipole antenna may be required. The TG.10 Triton can also be used for NB-IoT, Cat-M, assisted GNSS and dual-band Wi-Fi and due to its full spectrum coverage is backwards compatible with legacy technologies such as 3G and GSM.

The TG.10 Triton has a sleek yet robust PC+ABS enclosure, which makes it ideal for mounting onto routers which are often using this PC+ABS material.

Typical applications include:
– Gateways and Routers
– In-Building Connectivity Systems
– Point of Sales Kiosks
– Connected Industries
– Smart Metering

The TG.10 Triton is supplied with a hinged SMA connector for ease of mounting in MIMO systems. The dimensions of the TG.10 are 168*18*13mm meaning it can be covertly installed on routers and other similar devices unlike some of the bulkier products on the market. For further information please contact your regional Taoglas customer support team.

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