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Ultima II G35 – LTE Super Low Profile Permanent Mount Antenna

Extremely Low Profile Ultima II LTE Permanent Mount Antenna

The G35 Ultima Series is a high-performance permanent mount wideband cellular for external use on vehicles and assets worldwide. With a diameter of 57mm and at only 17.4mm in height it is one of the lowest profile LTE antennas on the market. The IP65 rated enclosure is made from durable UV resistant PC making it extremely light, economical for shipping and with a minimum weight impact on vehicles. This also makes it ideal for use in humid environments such as water pits or marine applications as there are no external metal parts that may corrode. The closed-cell foam with double-sided adhesive provides a permanent waterproof seal and can adjust to different curvatures, preventing water from leaking under the antenna into the mounting hole.

Typical Applications Include:

· Smart Lighting
· Smart Cities
· Connected Enterprise
· Digital Signage

The G35 can be mounted on a metal enclosure but it is not suitable for mounting on a metal enclosure where the cable will be located inside the enclosure.

For an alternative that may be mounted on an enclosed metal box please use the G21.B.301111

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