Image SWDP.2458.15.4.A.02


SWDP.2458.15.4.A.02 5dBi 15mm Embedded 2.4/5.8GHz Dual-Band Wi-Fi Ceramic Patch Antenna

This revolutionary patent-pending 5dBi, high efficiency, embedded ceramic patch antenna is designed for professional Wi-Fi dual-band IEEE 802.11 applications. This antenna is the smallest, highest gain off the shelf WiFi dual-band patch solution in the market today, enabling vastly improved coverage for applications in small devices where a directional antenna is applicable, where options until now have been limited to low gain chip antennas.

The SWDP high gain and high-efficiency performance is the perfect solution for directional dual-band Wi-Fi applications, which need long-range, but require small compact embedded antennas. The much higher gain and efficiency of the SWDP over smaller, less efficient, more omnidirectional chip antennas (these typically have no more than 2dBi gain, 30% efficiencies) means it can deliver much longer range over a wide sector. At only 3.5 grams, it is lightweight yet robust. SMD mounting allows for high volume manufacturing applications.

Typical applications include:
  • Access Points
  • Tablets
  • High definition, high throughput video streaming routers
  • High data MIMO bandwidth routers
  • Automotive
  • Home and industrial in-wall Wi-Fi automation
  • Drones/Quad-copters
  • UAV
  • Long range Wi-Fi remote control applications

The SWDP patch antenna has two distinct linear polarizations on the 2.4 and 5.8GHz bands, increasing isolation between bands, thus reducing interference from neighboring transmitters. Custom tuning may be necessary on different ground-planes and in individual device environments. ?Custom tuned versions for different ground-planes and housing environments can be designed and supplied subject to NRE and a minimum order quantity.

Contact your regional Taoglas office for support to integrate and test this antenna performance in your device.

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