Image WM.43.A.305111


WM.43.A.305111 – Cyclops 433MHz 0dBi Wall Mount Flexible Whip Antenna

Cyclops 433MHz Wall Mount Flexible Whip Antenna

The WM.43 is a 0dBi wall mount flexible omnidirectional whip. This antenna is optimized for the 433 MHz ISM band. Common applications are wireless sensor monitoring, smart metering, wireless M-Bus metering, remote asset monitoring, and security systems. The radiation pattern is omnidirectional in the azimuth, allowing for large coverage range in typical indoor or outdoor installations.

Typical Applications include:
-Remote Monitoring
-Smart Metering
-Smart City

This antenna has more than 60% efficiency while fixed on the L-bracket. The whip is made up of a flexible inner steel core covered by TPU, so it is extremely resistant to collisions and maintaining its original shape and RF performance. The whip and the internal connection to the bracket is completely IP67 waterproof. The whip can be removed by unscrewing. The bracket allows complete concealment of the cable for a more secure integration and cleaner installation. The cable can also be routed out of the back wall of the bracket into the interior of the mounting wall for added security against vandalism. The standard version comes with 3 metres of extremely low loss CFD-200 cable (0.3dB against 0.7dB for RG58) to allow for flexibility of placement.

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