Public Safety

At Taoglas, safety never takes a back seat

We offer a full range of mission critical, high-performance antennas designed
for public safety and surveillance situations.

Preparation is the cornerstone of public safety

Public safety responders’ at all levels need transparency and accountability, alongside the constant assurance of protection and safety of their team on the road. With the increasing reliance on connected technologies, public safety agencies are now upfitting their fleets to ensure they send and receive critical data when most needed. 

Taoglas is your partner to help mitigate the risk of communication failure during emergencies.  Incorporating the latest technology, Taoglas’ range of sleek antennas support all cellular bands including sub 6GHz 5G bands, LTE, and FirstNet Band 14, the UK’s ESN, and are ideal for use with first responder applications.

Vehicle Products

Antennas are available in combinations up to 17-in-1 with adhesive and permanent mounting options. Cable length and connectors are customizable.

Synergy MA15XX Series

Known as the “Synergy Series” this 5G ready antenna is a permanent mount and can support up to 11 functions

MA963 Guardian Series

The Guardian series are OEM low-profile wall or adhesive mount panel antennas. They have 4x wideband 5G/4G MIMO and also cover the CAT-M1 and NB-IoT Bands.

Raptor III MA1280 Series

Sleek, small and robust, the Raptor Series are high-performance permanent mount and combination antennas. They can support up to 7 functions.

Jeff Clark

Director of Public Safety, North America

My experience working with Public Safety and Government Agencies coupled with 15 years experience in the telecommunication industry means that you’ve got the support you need from the get-go, to ensure your fleets have always-on connectivity.

Further Support

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On-Demand Webinar:

Preparing public safety for the 3G sunset and the dawn of 5G – Futureproofing fleets for always-on connectivity

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On-Demand Webinar:

Mobile Public Safety – Multicarrier Challenges and Solutions

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Taoglas Announces Public Safety Portfolio to Assist with Reliability and Flexibility of Coverage as Mobile Operators Launch 5G, Shut Down 3G and Refarm Spectrum

Press Release:

Preparing public safety for the 3G sunset and the dawn of 5G – Futureproofing fleets for always-on connectivity

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