Smart Cities

Smart City technologies help advance a smarter and safer future for people, improve city services and the living experience of residents including utilities, transportation and public services. Taoglas’ scalable IoT solutions will support smart cities and smart connected spaces developments and help advance greener and safer urban environments, with cleaner air and water, better mobility and efficient public services such as energy, transportation and city infrastructure. Key Application areas include:

Application Areas

Image for Waste Management

Waste Management

Our intelligent smart waste sensor is a turn key managed smart asset that can be connected to NB-IoT, Cat1, LoRaWAN, and SigFox networks. Truly plug and play, no software or experts required. Learn More

Image for Smart City Lighting

Smart City Lighting

Intelligent street-lights can monitor footfall, traffic and air quality and are a significant component of the smart city. Additionally, smart street lighting improves citizen satisfaction and sense of safety and successfully manages city maintenance budgets.

Image for Connected Industrial Machines

Connected Industrial Machines

Industrial IoT provides digital transformation of manufacturing, energy and power, oil & gas, logistics and transportation application.  This technology improves factory processes, safety, machine maintenance and lifespan and allows for optimum performance and cost saving as a result.

Image for Micro-mobility and E-Mobility

Micro-mobility and E-Mobility

E-Scooters/e-bikes – Multimodal mobility solutions allow passengers to choose between all available transportation options. This results in lower car usage since residents can opt for the transportation mode based on their needs.

Image for Connected Public Transportation

Connected Public Transportation

Sensors in public transportation send traffic data to the city transportation management software. They tell you in real-time how long you must wait for the bus or train, alerting the system traffic congestion or delays, improving overall citizen satisfaction, routine and economic balance.

Image for Smart Water Meters

Smart Water Meters

Monitoring and reporting water quality and usage, immediately alerting the water company of leaks, sudden surges, drops or potential contamination.

Image for Smart Agriculture

Smart Agriculture

From precision livestock farming, temperature and humidity monitoring of produce to silo management solutions, smart agriculture provides benefits in the form of a more sustainable agriculture, ensuring food security with a lower environmental impact and guaranteed healthy food production.

Customize Your IoT Solution

In addition to Taoglas’ vast, cost-efficient IoT product range, we can design and create custom end-to-end IoT solutions for you based on your specific solutions requirements. Taoglas is there from the initial strategy definition right through to the design, build, deployment and management of projects and can provide:

Image for Integration and Sensor Fusion

Integration and Sensor Fusion

IoT experts will help you design the complete solutions stack integrating cameras, sensors, radios and antennas.

Image for Full System Design

Full System Design

Firmware, edge processing, cloud hosting, 5G/4G, device and data management, ML/AI, end-to-end security and power management.

Image for Solution Testing and Manufacturing

Solution Testing and Manufacturing

We offer world-class design, implementation, testing and optimization services. Taoglas is ISO 9001 and IATF 16949 certified.

Image for Taoglas Insights™ Cloud platform

Taoglas Insights™ Cloud platform

The Taoglas Insights™ platform provides real-time data, analytics and insights to support digital transformation across various vertical solutions.


Case Studies


Multimodal mobility solutions in urban areas prove to lower car usage in cities. To ensure safety and compliance, cities can benefit from requiring e-mobility solutions with safety detection and driver behavior features.

Solution: Taoglas EDGE™ platform has been integrated with cameras, GNSS and RTK for cm-level positioning in e-Mobility solutions providing real-time insights and machine vision AI capabilities for safer and more efficient usage of electric motor vehicles. E-scooters, e-bikes, drones and unmanned aerial vehicles are applications that will need a combination of technologies including cellular, high precision GNSS, RTK, sensors, cameras and machine vision technologies.

Silo Monitoring

Traditionally, agriculture integrators, animal feed distributors, wood pellet and biomass users have manually inspected the level of feed or pellets in silos to avoid running out. This is unsafe and in some cases, fatal. 

Solution: LvLogics silo monitoring solution provides accurate and reliable silo levels as a service to farmers, distributors and manufacturers of animal feeds, wood pellets or any solids or semi-solids. Taoglas worked with LvLogics to provide the critical infrastructure and technologies to realize the solution. Based on the Taoglas EDGE IoT hardware and the Taoglas Insights™ software platform, LvLogics and Taoglas worked together to develop a custom solution that automatically monitors and manages silo levels.


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