Centimeter-Level Positioning with Single-band RTK

Recent commercial developments in GNSS receivers have begun to make the dream of centimeter-level positioning with single-band RTK a reality for certain applications. These receivers use Real-Time Kinematic (RTK) or Differential GNSS (DGNSS or DGPS) methods to reduce the impact on the positioning accuracy of atmospheric and similar effects. Watch the video or read on […]

High Accuracy GNSS Antennas

GPS utilization in the commercial world has evolved from a simple L1 GPS requirement to L1/L2, L1/Glonass, L1/Glonass/Beidou/Galileo, and the upcoming inclusion of the L5 GPS band into the mix. From an antenna design and performance perspective, it is always easier to achieve optimal performance when the bandwidth required is reduced. The addition of Glonass, […]

Precision Embedded GNSS Antennas for IoT

Applications for GNSS in IoT There are many applications for precision embedded GNSS antennas for IoT. Obvious uses would include mobile applications such as fleet tracking and pay as you go insurance while other applications may not seem as obvious. For instance, using GPS to uniquely identify a specific trash compactor, smart garbage can or […]