High-performance 2×2 MIMO LTE/4G antenna

Taoglas Future Proofs 4G Router and Access-Point Connectivity with Launch of High-Performance 2×2 MIMO LTE/4G Antenna

San Diego, Calif. and CTIA – For any business, home or remote requirements using 4G routers, access points or gateways, Taoglas is launching a new 2×2 MIMO antenna that will deliver extremely high connectivity and performance for LTE 4G networks. Based on the Gemini antenna series, the LMA100.A antenna is a highly efficient 2X2 MIMO antenna for LTE 4G and all worldwidebands, including 698-960MHz, 1710-2170 MHz and 2490-2690MHz bands. This antenna also includes backward compatibility to 3G/2G.

“Most routers ship without antennas or have rubber-duck antennas,” explained Dermot O’Shea, joint CEO and cofounder of Taoglas. “The new LMA100.A is one of the first 2X2 LTE 4G MIMO antennas in this form factor that meets the stringent isolation and ECC (Envelope Correlation Coefficient) requirements for future MIMO networks. It’s ready for when the network switches from its current MISO state to true LTE advanced and MIMO. The LMA100.A is particularly suitable for home and offices or for any outdoor use where there’s a group needing cellular connectivity on the move.”

This new antenna in the Gemini series is housed in a robust external casing that’s IP67 waterproofed. It is equipped with two MIMO antennas that have excellent isolation and low ECC between each antenna element. Low-loss cables are used to keep efficiency high over long cable lengths and can be customized. It can be wall-mounted or desktop mounted and has a stand for easy, quick set up. The LMA.100 is available now from sales@taoglas.com.


Datasheet: https://taoglas.com/antennas/LTE_Antennas/External_-_LTE_MIMO