• The Taoglas Sure50 is an external, waterproof, rugged, low-profile active antenna that offers total elevation coverage to the sky from horizon to zenith. The antenna exhibits excellent axial ratio of better than 3dB, meaning it is optimized for multipath rejection for improved accuracy, particularly in urban environments. AQHA.50 has a very low noise figure of 1.8dB and excellent out-of-band rejection due to advanced filter and amplifier design. It provides the highest level of accuracy. Tests with L1 and RTK systems already show 4cm location accuracy.
    • The Taoglas Sure  GGBSFTP.45, is a tri-band passive embedded stacked patch antenna that provides coverage in a single feed, designed to be a compact, easy-to-integrate solution for precision GNSS devices. The antenna substrate utilizes Taoglas’ Terrablast material to provide a robust, lighter-weight antenna that is suited for applications with high vibration and shock environments, such as drones, ATVs, and transportationNext-Generation Multiband GNSS AntennaNext-Generation Multiband GNSS Antenna. TSP.01 is circularly polarized at all three bands for multipath rejection, improving location accuracy in high-reflection environments.

Taoglas’ patented Terrablast material has ultra-impact resistant characteristics to withstand drops, falls, and impacts, opening up a wider range of applications for a stacked patch antenna configuration. Taoglas is also launching two additional multi-band GNSS stacked-patched antennas, one from high-performance ceramic and the other utilizing Terrablast material:

    • AGPSF.36C.07.0100C, an active GPS L1/L2 low-profile stacked-patch ante