Taoglas Requires DVTest and its Distributors and Retailers to Cease and Desist from Selling Knockoff Products

Taoglas strengthens its enforcement of Global IP Rights around its Industry-Leading Antenna Solutions

SAN DIEGO December 27, 2018Taoglas Group Holdings Ltd., today announced that it has discovered and stopped another imitator of Taoglas’ innovative, high-quality products that was offering knockoff infringing – inferior products to its customers.

Among its numerous products, Taoglas offers to customers the patented FXP520 product line, a line of dual-band Wi-Fi MIMO flexible-PCB monopole antennas. The FXP520 product line includes a four-port version (the FXP524), a three-port version (the FXP523), and a two-port version (the FXP522). More information regarding the FXP520 product line is available on the Taoglas website.

Taoglas recently learned that DVTest Inc., a wireless test company providing design and production of RF test enclosures and wireless test systems, was marketing a line of Wi-Fi MIMO flexible-PCB antenna coupler products that appeared to be an identical copy of Taoglas’ FXP520 product line. DVTest was not just copying Taoglas products; it was infringing a Taoglas patent. The FXP524 is protected by, among other intellectual property rights, a US patent.

Taoglas informed DVTest of its intellectual property rights and was preparing a lawsuit for damages against DVTest and its distributors. Recognizing it was in violation of those rights and not wanting to be exposed to significant monetary damages claims, DVTest agreed to immediately withdraw from sale the knockoff products and instructed its distributors and retailers to stop selling those products and to recommend the Taoglas products as the replacement.

Kevin Everett, Taoglas Global Intellectual Property Manager noted “This is not the first time that others in the antenna industry have copied Taoglas’ innovative products. Our competitors, like our customers, recognize that Taoglas is an industry leader and that Taoglas antenna solutions are at the forefront of design, performance, and cost efficiency. Taoglas knows that stopping these inferior copies is important not just for Taoglas but also for the industry. We will not hesitate to enforce our IP rights globally and indeed are pursuing a number of similar cases.”

Taoglas has expended substantial time, effort, and funds to develop inventions and designs for its products, and to improve on those inventions and designs, leading to a worldwide reputation for innovative and high-quality products. For this reason, Taoglas invests a substantial portion of its profits back into research and development. Taoglas also has a large international patent portfolio, having filed more than 250 patent applications, including over 45 issued patents. Taoglas considers its intellectual property, including its patents and trade secrets, along with its industry-leading quality, to be among its most valuable assets and a key reason for its success and the success of its thousands of customers worldwide.

“The fact that DVTest chose to attempt to copy Taoglas products validates the quality and expertise we deliver to our customers every day,” said Kevin Everett, Taoglas Global Intellectual Property Manager. “The fact that we were able to stop DVTest so promptly, in turn, validates why Taoglas makes its intellectual property rights a priority right behind the success of our customers. We encourage anyone with any information of similar knock-offs to contact us.”

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