Taoglas rises up in the Drone / UAV solutions market

Taoglas launches a UAV / Drone antenna and RF products and solutions division tailored to the needs of the growing sector

Enniscorthy, Ireland, 07 July, 2016 – Over the past 12 months the UAV market has seen an explosion of interest from the consumer and commercial sectors. While military applications continue to hold the lion’s share in terms of spend, new trends indicate a shift towards consumer and commercial sectors. New and innovative use cases continue to emerge, including applications in agriculture, firefighting, mining, traffic monitoring, search and rescue, utilities, media reporting, and even the film industry.

While the landscape continues to evolve, the functionality and requirements within the UAV industry remain constant. Antennas must be lightweight, omni-directional, and aerodynamically sound with minimal power consumption, high efficiency and moderate gain. Like the drone, the antennas need to be able to withstand exposure from the elements – extreme temperatures, hail, UV degradation and resistance to impact. David Connolly of Taoglas, who was instrumental in the development of Taoglas UAV explained:

“Like any antenna product you need to have ease of installation and simple implementation and integration with the radio. Taoglas have not only brought their antenna expertise to this division but have hired drone enthusiasts and experts as well as partnering with industry leaders to come up with a winning product and solutions offering for companies designing and deploying the latest and greatest flying machines.”

With these needs in mind, Taoglas have developed a range of antennas to meet the demands of this rapidly changing and diverse market.

UAV Antenna Specialists

Taoglas has already been working with the leading drone companies to develop its new division. It has applied that experience to design products such as the TCP.02 Omega clover leaf antenna series. These antennas consist of two omni-directional, circularly polarized antennas with a robust IP65 water resistant housing, operating at the 5.8 GHz Wi-Fi band. The antenna set offers extremely high efficiencies (over 70%) needed for higher throughput requirements for drones to aid high definition video streaming. The set contains a clover leaf Tx antenna (transmitter) and clover leaf Rx antenna (receiver). They are easy to install and are robust enough to withstand rough landings.

Supporting the Omega antennas, Taoglas offers a new range of filters to reduce sources of noise or other transmitter interference. The BPF.58 Airvu band pass filter attaches to the antenna and an on-board connector to reduce radio interference problems on UAVs. The ceramic filter inside the BPF.58 provides better insertion loss than standard LTCC or lumped element filters.

The new WDP.2458 embedded ceramic patch antenna – with its patent pending design, high efficiency (over 60%) and superior gain, is the perfect solution for directional dual-band Wi-Fi applications. It is ideal for applications which need wide range but also want a compact lightweight embedded antenna. Specially designed for the UAV and Drone/Quadcopter market, this compact patch antenna provides two distinct linear polarizations, on the 2.4 and 5GHz bands.

Speaking on Taoglas developments in the UAV market, David Connolly, Project Manager commented:

“The UAV industry, driven by new technologies, is one of the most dynamic growth sectors in the aerospace industry. Large multinationals, such as Intel, are investing heavily in this industry as applications in a number of industries such as agriculture, energy & utilities, public safety, mining & construction, real estate, news and film production all drive the requirements of the UAV.

Current UAVs are equipped with stereoscopic, LIDAR, infrared and high definition cameras, in the coming years we will see augmented reality and live virtual reality systems, all of which will place ever increasing demands on antenna technologies.

Taoglas are at the forefront of innovative UAV antenna design. From high spec, lightweight, robust antennas for FPV racing drones to smart antenna positioning systems that deliver increasingly accurate levels of satellite tracking with low acquisition times, our external and internal UAV antenna range is constantly evolving to meet the demands of the industry.

Taoglas can also customize and test antennas for your UAV in our worldwide facilities, in the US, Ireland or Taiwan, subject to NRE or MOQ. Contact your regional Taoglas sales office for support.”


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