Transportation is the largest and fastest growing IoT vertical in the world. It’s playing an increasingly important role in today’s society and is paving the way for the safer and smarter use of transport networks. At Taoglas, we’ve built up a robust reputation for quality and reliability and our IoT ready solutions and expertise can help suppliers get their projects to market, fast and realize tremendous cost-saving through digital transformation.

Ronan Quinlan,
Co-CEO and Founder, Taoglas


As the world becomes increasingly connected, so does the demand for a more intelligent, sustainable transportation industry. Transportation covers everything from commercial railways, vehicles, buses, planes and personal automobiles, alongside traffic and asset management. It’s estimated that there will be 123 million active devices by 2024. Advances in transport technology have the ability to save lives, improve efficiencies and reduce pollution, further benefits include:

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Improve Operational Efficiencies

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Increase Safety for People and Assets

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Cargo Monitoring

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Reduce Emissions

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Ease Traffic Congestion

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Reduce Fuel Consumption

Application Areas

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Offers a greener future, by emitting less C02 and noise. The term covers everything from electric vehicles, scooters, e-bikes and e-buses. Taoglas technologies can offer contextual information about your e-mobility device, with machine vision AI and cm-level positioning.

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Smart Roads

Smart roads of the future will make driving safer and more sustainable. It encompasses vehicle and pedestrian safety, alongside traffic management. Taoglas has the capabilities to create scalable end-to-end IoT solutions, to improve safety and efficiencies.

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Fleet Management

Save money and drive down operational costs, by using real-time data and insights to monitor cargo, vehicle and driver performance. Taoglas can provide off the shelf IoT solutions, which can be deployed almost immediately or custom built solutions.


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Public Transport

With urbanisation set to grow twofold, public transport is a huge challenge for cities worldwide. Smart public transport means increased efficiencies and an improved society by connecting railways, trams and buses. Taoglas can offer the connectivity solutions to realise this.

Customize Your IoT Solution

In addition to Taoglas’ vast, cost-efficient IoT product range, we can design and create custom end-to-end IoT solutions for you based on your specific solutions requirements. Taoglas is there from the initial strategy definition right through to the design, build, deployment and management of projects and can provide:

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Integration and Sensor Fusion

IoT experts will help you design the complete solutions stack integrating cameras, sensors, radios and antennas.

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Full System Design

Firmware, edge processing, cloud hosting, 5G/4G, device and data management, ML/AI, end-to-end security and power management.

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Solution testing and manufacturing

We offer world-class design, implementation, testing and optimization services. Taoglas is ISO 9001 and IATF 16949 certified.

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Taoglas Insights™ Cloud platform

The Taoglas Insights™ platform provides real-time data, analytics and insights to support digital transformation across various vertical solutions.

Taoglas EDGE Insights™ Management Platform

Taoglas EDGE Insights™ is your cloud based software platform that allows for flexible, reliable and efficient gathering of data and life cycle management of EDGE devices from one dashboard. It enables real-time insights and intelligence that drive optimization, cost savings, compliance and new revenue opportunities for our enterprise customers.

Key Benefits

  • Enables real-time insights and intelligence
  • Securely connect and manage your sensors and machines remotely
  • Easy to use web UI – Manage your entire IoT deployment

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