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Types of Antennas

Patch Antennas

Taoglas is the global market leader for GPS passive patch and active patch antennas. We offer the first true SMD mounted patch solution for GPS. They are used for GPS as they offer excellent sensitivity and the ability to be right hand circularly polarized to match the polarization of the GPS signal from the satellites.
They work well even on reflections (so upside down, facing the wrong direction or inside) with the new generation of GPS modules. Taoglas have a full range of patch sizes from 35mm all the way down to 10mm and have the ability to fine tune the patch in order for it to be at centre frequency when INSIDE your device. This is very important for smaller patches where the bandwidth is narrow and detuning can happen easily. The high Q required to compensate for the small size means the patch tends to have a narrow band.

PIFA Antennas

An inverted F antenna is a variant of a monopole but where the top section has been folded down (parallel with the ground plane). A Planar Inverted F Antenna (PIFA) has the wire radiator element replaced by a plate in order to extend the bandwidth. This means it is useful in cases where space is limited.
The advantage of PIFA antennas for cellular mobile devices is the gain is uniform in both vertical and horizontal states of polarization. Taoglas can design the PIFA so it has zero gain, giving us an omnidirectional antenna, perfect for GSM.
They are also used in mobile phones as SAR is minimized (electromagnetic wave power absorption).

Dipole Antennas

A dipole antenna is a typical electrical type antenna and can be constructed with a piece of wire or with a copper trace on your PCB. They are simple, easy and cheap to design and manufacture. The dipole antenna is cut to match the wavelength of the frequency it wants to receive or transmit at. It will also work at multiples of that frequency.
They are not suitable to wideband or narrow band applications so it is becoming increasingly difficult to deploy them in today’s wireless devices.

Monopole Antennas

This is half of a dipole antenna mounted above the earth or a ground plane. Normally one-quarter wavelength long so it is therefore shorter in size.

Helix Antennas

The helical antenna is optimized for transmitting RF energy when attached to the edge of, and extending away from, the system circuit board. This would involve an external stub type antenna like an older type mobile phone. For that reason we have found it is generally unacceptable in today’s wireless devices.

Active Antennas

An active antenna is a passive antenna that simply includes an on-board Low Noise Amplifier. There is no difference between the antenna elements of an active or passive antenna of the same type; the only difference is whether an amplifier is included. The LNA provides sufficient gain to overcome coax cable losses while providing the proper signal level to the receiver.
An internal GPS active antenna with cable is suitable for mobile applications or other areas where internal antennas are required, or where not much space or volume is available. It is ideally affixed to the plastic housing of a device directly by double-sided adhesive, screw-mounting, or slot. Taoglas internal GPS active patch antennas come in a range of sizes from 10mm to 35mm.

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