Optimizing Sub-6 GHz 5G RF and Antenna Performance

As demand continues growing for faster speeds and expanded service, 5G sub-6 GHz applications are becoming increasingly relevant. This webinar will discuss how implementing antenna metrics and design techniques can improve the overall RF system performance.

In addition, this presentation will cover:

  • The sub-6GHz frequency bands for cellular, M2M, and IoT devices
  • The complexities of antenna tuning for 5G applications
  • Design Approach for 5G Sub 6 GHz Applications
  • Cellular Integration in M2M and IoT Devices
  • Expanded Wi-Fi Band Now Extends Through 7.125 GHz

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Jeff Shamblin

Lead Engineer – Millimeter Wave Projects,

Previously Jeff served as VP of engineering at Taoglas and was responsible for management and direction of all engineering teams and R&D activities within the company. Prior to Taoglas, he spent 12 years as CTO and chief scientist at Ethertronics. He also spent five years in engineering roles at two RFID start-ups, SCS Corp. and Claridy Solutions, and 22 years working as a senior antenna engineer in aerospace for Lockheed Martin and Northrop designing antenna systems for aircraft, missile and ground station applications.

Jeff holds a bachelor’s degree in Physics from California State University-Northridge and has completed post-graduate studies in radar systems. He has 86 issued patents related to antenna technology and communication systems in his name. Among his many accomplishments, he led a small R&D group to develop a band-switching antenna to cover wide LTE frequency bands for laptop applications, and also was part of a small team that developed the first beam-steering antenna system for a Wi-Fi laptop.

Dennis Kish

COO and USA President,

Dennis is responsible for all aspects of business, including sales, marketing, customer support, engineering, HR and operations. Prior to joining Taoglas, he served as President of the Fiber business at Google, where his team brought a triple-play (internet, TV, and telephone) service to market across the US.

Dennis’ general management experience also includes roles as Senior Vice President and General Manager of Qualcomm MEMS Technologies, Vice President and General Manager of ST-Ericsson’s Connectivity & Peripherals business unit, and Senior Vice President and General Manager of the Connected Entertainment Business at NXP Semiconductors. He holds a Bachelor of Science degree in electrical engineering from Michigan State University.