27-28.5GHz Ka-Band Antennas

Raven KSF300.A 27-28.5GHz Ka-Band Phased Array Fan Beam Antenna

The Raven 27-28.5GHz Phased Array Fan Beam Antenna is ideal for User Equipment for client side integration or inside a Ka-band 5G Access Point. Its small size, extremely lightweight structure and low profile make it suitable for integration in different types of customer device environments.

The antenna has a minimum 1GHz impedance bandwidth which is well suited for fixed and mobile broadband capacity hungry next generation networks.

It features over 23dB cross pol rejection making it less susceptible to interference from undesired signals.

Two or more antennas can be used for diversity support or for a MIMO configuration.

Beam Pattern

The main beam can be steered 40 degrees and HPBW beam lobe up to +/-45 degrees. The phase delayed RF signals are fed into each individual antenna element or fed into sub-arrays within the larger corporate fed antenna

Integration & Typical Applications

The 5G-ready antenna can be directly connected using standard 2.92mm and 3.5mm connectors. There is also an option to use a coaxial to waveguide adaptor in conjunction with Ultra Low Loss Cables.

KSF200.A 27.5–28.5GHz Ka-Band SATCOM & UAV Broadband Access CP Antenna, 12dBi

The 27-28.5GHz SATCOM is a high gain, circularly polarised 5G-ready antenna. Its small size, extremely light weight structure and low profile makes it suitable for integration in different types of customer device environments. The Ka-band CP 27.5-28.5GHz antenna is used at the end user device integrated into customer devices including;

  • Maritime Satellite Communications
  • Videoconferencing
  • Tele-medicine
  • Live Broadcasting
  • High Speed Broadband access for advanced data services on land, sea and in the air, even in the world’s remotest regions
  • Aviation in-flight connectivity experience for the entire aircraft, from voice and safety communications in the cockpit to high-speed, reliable broadband in the cabin.

The antenna can be mounted in either a custom housing and used with a low loss cable assembly. Alternatively, it could be directly integrated onto the customers PCB.

KSF100.A 28GHz Ka-Band Fixed Beam Array

The 16×16 Planar Patch Fixed Beam Array Antenna can be used for base station point-to-point/multipoint links. This high-gain array provides coverage using satellite communication at Ka-band.

The antenna can be integrated in 5G Ka-band Access Points to provide omnidirectional coverage once stacked in 120 degree or 90 degree sectors.

It can also be used on vehicles for remote monitoring purposes and also to provide satellite broadband internet and communications on aircraft and marine vessels by the likes of Inmarst and Viasat.


The antenna feeds the radio module via microstrip transmission line.