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Taoglas helps Basetime enable ultra-accurate geometric height measurement for construction applications

About Basetime

Based in the Netherlands, Basetime is an innovative engineering and geodetic consultancy company that stands for Baseline+Time, the two ingredients to make accurate measurements. The 50 employees behind Basetime cover a wide range of expertise from precision-based measurement engineering, to many years of experience in advising construction companies on how to perform geodetic measurements.

The Challenge

In construction, accuracy is critical. Just a fraction of centimeter can directly affect a project’s budget, timeline, safety and more. Take the example of a road. Part of the roadbed typically is sand, which settles after it’s spread. To achieve the engineering design’s specification throughout the entire roadbed, the construction company must be able to measure the sand’s geometric height. If those measurements aren’t ultra-precise, the project could have significantly cost overruns and delays, such as unnecessarily adding or removing sand. Basetime recognized that need and developed Locater One, a device that uses GNSS and RADAR to measure altitudes with sub-centimeter precision.

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