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The TRACK product is precisely what the SODAQ team envisaged and its revolutionary tracking abilities were made possible by the SGGP.12.4.A.02 antenna.

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Case Study: Taoglas helps SODAQ TRACK with high quality GNSS performance 30

Connectivity is the cornerstone of electric bike solutions. Wi-Fi and cellular technology means riders are more connected than ever

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Case Study: Taoglas helps Zoov quickly build reliable customised e-mobility solutions 32

The challenge with creating IoT products for agriculture, and specifically apiculture, is the IoT products must be compatible
with nature, see the Taoglas solution.

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Case Study: Taoglas connects bees and data to ensure optimum apiary health 34

Técnico Solar Boat is a project by engineering students at Instituto Superior Técnico, University of Lisbon, where they design and build boats powered by renewable energy.

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Case Study: Taoglas antenna soars with Técnico solar boat 36

Every ounce counts on a drone. Weight is a decisive factor in how long and how far a UAV can fly, as well as the size of its payload capability. That’s why drone manufacturers scrutinize every component.

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Case Study: Taoglas GNSS antenna flies with Parrot drones 38

Having real-time data and a more holistic view of horse health and activity is something that the industry had been lacking and proved technically challenging to develop. Digital transformation with 24/7 monitoring helps horse owners make more informed decisions about health, exercise and care and will ultimately lead to improved health and quality of life for life for the horse.

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Case Study: Taoglas Helps Withthegrid Make Utilities Smarter 40

Hurricanes. Wildfires. Floods. Ice storms. Extreme weather is a major reason why hospitals, oil and gas providers, data center operators and other enterprises worldwide are increasingly deploying gensets to ensure business continuity.

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Blog: Transforming Power Gensets with Real-Time Monitoring and Management 42