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Taoglas helps Bevi connect innovative beverage dispensers in thirsty environments

About Bevi

Global conservation is of utmost importance to Bevi. Since 2014, the company has helped businesses and their
employees keep over 200 million single-use bottles and cans out of landfills. Bevi’s innovative dispensers replace
traditional water coolers with units that instantly and automatically mix filtered water, flavors, and fizz into zero and low-calorie beverages.

The Challenge

Bevi dispensers require a reliable internet connection so Bevi and its partners could ensure that they’re always working properly and fully stocked. “Maintaining connectivity to the machines is a key part of the value proposition that we offer,” said David Skocypec, Vice President Hardware Engineering at Bevi. First generation Bevi dispensers typically used Wi-Fi, such as the customer’s office network, Ethernet, or an external cellular modem. For its second generation, Bevi wanted to offer an embedded cellular connectivity, which would allow for greater flexibility, lower cost and ensure all machines would be connected to their cloud service.

Bevi needed an antenna capable of maintaining a reliable cellular connection even when dispensers are installed deep inside buildings, where concrete, drywall and steel attenuate signals.

The antenna also had to be easy to mount, with a design that kept it flush instead of protruding from the dispenser.

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