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Having real-time data and a more holistic view of horse health and activity is something that the industry had been lacking and proved technically challenging to develop. Digital transformation with 24/7 monitoring helps horse owners make more informed decisions about health, exercise and care and will ultimately lead to improved health and quality of life for life for the horse.

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Case Study: IoT Solution for Equine Welfare and Performance 30

Electric scooter sharing programs are a global phenomenon, with millions of them hitting city streets and college campuses from Portland, Oregon, to Paris, France. Scooters have matured well beyond a child’s driveway toy. They are an easy-to-use, low-cost, environmentally friendly first- and last-mile transportation solution for cities. Those same cities have also had challenges with […]

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OJo Scooter

Headquartered in Fremont, California, Ayantra provides wireless solutions for industrial asset management. The company designs and manufactures remote fleet vehicle monitoring and telemetry solutions to an international market from its in-house base. A key product in Ayantra’s portfolio is FleetSight, an M2M solution tailored to managing small fleets of vehicles including cars, trucks and vans. […]

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Case Study: Antennas to go — Ayantra selects Taoglas’ PA.25 and GP.25a 38