EDGE Locate™ - High Precision GNSS Solution

What’s in the Box?

– Quick Start Guide
– Taoglas Edge Locate
– USB adapter board
– Micro-USB cable
– Error Correction Service Trial Activation Card (Optional)

Hexagon SmartNet Set Up

A one-month free trial of Hexagon SmartNet is included with your Edge Locate module.
Please find an activation card like the one below amongst the contents of the packing.

Follow the instructions on this card to activate your trial. After submitting your details, you will receive an email with the following information included:

– Host
– Port
– Mount Point
– Username
– Password

The above details can now be used to connect to the Hexagon SmartNet RTK Correction Service.

U-Center Install

Download and install u-center from https://www.u-blox.com/en/product/u-center.

Once downloaded, extract the installer from the zip file by right-clicking on it and selecting ‘Extract’ here as shown below.

Navigate into the newly extracted folder and double click the installer. You will be presented with a screen asking you to allow the installer to make changes, click yes. Once the installer opens you will be presented with the screen below, asking you to select a language. Select the language you wish to use and click OK. Click next on the welcome screen to start the installation process.

Please read through the license agreement and click ‘I Agree’ if you agree to the terms.

Click next on the install components screen.

Then keep the default installation location and click install.

Once the installation is completed, click finish. u-center is now installed.

U-Center Device Setup

Connect the Edge Locate module to the PMOD to USB interface board as below.

Connect the micro-USB included in the package to both the interface board and your PC.

If you have an active internet connection, the driver required for this USB interface will install automatically in the background. Open u-center, to do this, press the Windows key and scroll down in the applications window to the u-blox folder. Click the folder to expand it and click u-center to start it.

This will open a window similar to the one below.

To connect to the Edge Locate module:

a. Select receiver > baudrate > 38’400

b. Select receiver > Connection > COMXX, where XX is COM port the Edge Locate is connected to. See the Additional Note below for help in determining the COM Port.

Once the correct port is selected, the communication setup is complete. To confirm communication with the Edge Locate, select View and then Text Console, a window should appear displaying NMEA sentences as they are sent from the module.

Using Hexagon Smart Net with u-center

1. To use the hexagon correction service, perform the steps outlined above to connect to the Edge Locate module.

2. In addition to the please perform the following steps:

a. Select receiver > NTRIP Client

b. This will present you with the following screen, please fill in the details provided in the registration email from Hexagon.

c. When you have the details entered, click “Update source table”, this will display a selection of mount points in the “NTRIP mount point:” dropdown below, from here you can select the correct mount point sent in the email from Hexagon.

d. Click OK to open a connection with the error correction service, this will cause NTRIP Client symbol at the bottom of the application to start flashing green as corrections are received.

3. After a few moments of receiving corrections, the ‘Fix Mode’ status at the top right of the screen will include either “FLOAT” or “FIXED” indicating whether the Edge Locate has a Fixed or Floating RTK solution.

Additional Note: Determining Which COM Port to Use

In situations where more than one COM port can be selected in u-center, please determine the correct one using by following these steps:

If the USB cable is plugged into your PC, please unplug it. Right Click on the Windows Icon at the bottom left corner of the screen & select Device Manager.

The below window should appear:

Under Ports you may see multiple USB Serial Ports if other devices are connected to your computer, please take note of the COM port numbers for these devices. Plug the USB cable into both the USB interface and the PC, the device manager should refresh and an additional USB Serial Port should appear in the list, the COM port associated with this device will be the one you should use in u-center.

If you have any further queries, please contact your local customer support team.