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Multi-Band GNSS Taoglas Invisible Antenna™

  • Multiband GNSS
  • Transparent Polymer Antenna
  • Dimensions: 176mm*37mm
  • Connector: FAKRA Code C (M) Blue
  • RoHS & Reach Compliant
Image TFX125.A


Multi-Band GNSS Taoglas Invisible Antenna™


Multi-Band GNSS Taoglas Invisible Antenna™

The TFX125.A is a first of its kind, invisible antenna designed to cover multi GNSS bands. The TFX125.A has been expertly engineered by Taoglas with innovation in mind, the design is based on our excellent design history in pioneering flexible PCB antenna technology. TFX125.A is supplied with pre adhered adhesive for ease of installation and has an enclosed carrier terminated with a FAKRA connector.

The invisible flexible antennas are an alternative to standard Flexible PCB antennas where the user may want to install an antenna in a covert area or on a surface, they may want to keep visible. The performance of the antenna is based on the environment where it is placed, care should be taken to mount at least 20mm from metal components where possible.

Typical Applications of Multi-Band GNSS Invisible Antennas Include:

  • Automotive and Commercial Transportation
  • EV Charging and Parking Bays
  • Digital Signage and Display screens
  • Point Of Sale Kiosks

Invisible Antenna Installation:

The installation of the Taoglas Invisible Antenna™ series follows a similar installation method to flexible PCB antennas, as detailed in this application note. Installing a transparent material may show obvious flaws/debris, take care to wipe the area clean before adhering the antenna. The flexible antenna can be disconnected from the body to make installation easier. Where support may be an issue, we would advise using a double-sided adhesive on the housing to ensure the housing body installation does not add any additional pull force to the antenna as this will affect the antennas performance and the adhesive’s performance. The feed is not designed to be load bearing and loads of over 0.5Kg can break or damage the feed resulting in the antenna disconnecting.

The TFX125.A is connected via a FAKRA Code C male connector for ease of installation. If a custom connector is required, please contact your regional Taoglas customer support team.

Technical Specification
Name Value
RoHS Yes
Antenna Type Embedded Antennas, GNSS
Mechanical Style Flex PCB
Gain (Max) -9.88
Impedance 50
Minimum Operating Temperature -40°C
Maximum Operating Temperature 85°C
Mounting Style Adhesive
Termination Style Connector
Antenna Connector Type FAKRA Code C (M) Blue
Connector Body Style Straight
Polarity Linear
Frequency Range 1176.45MHz - 1602MHz
Connector Polarity Normal
Cable Length (mm) n/a
Packaging PE Bag, Carton
GNSS Type Passive GNSS
GNSS Bands L1/L2/L5/L6/L-Band
Length (mm) 176
Width (mm) 37
Height (mm) 0.5
Weight (g) 5

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