Image CGGBP.35.2.A.08


GPS/GLONASS/Galileo/BeiDou 2mm Low Profile Embedded 35mm Patch Antenna

Low Profile, High-Performance GNSS Antenna

The CGGBP.35.2.A.08 is a low profile, high-performance GNSS antenna. It is a ceramic GNSS L1 GPS/GLONASS/GALILEO/BeiDou embedded passive patch antenna, with a low profile of 2mm thickness. It is designed for professional applications in-vehicle automotive navigation devices as well as other M2M devices. Typical uses are in transportation, defense, marine, agriculture, and navigation. Compared to using a smaller antenna, this will translate into the GNSS system having much higher location accuracy, improved reliability of lock-in urban areas, better signal reception, with more satellites acquired and a quicker time to first fix.

The patch is mounted via pin and double-sided adhesive. While the antenna will work very well in most device environments (Note: cannot be covered with metal enclosure), tuning and further optimization of this antenna to different ground-planes and enclosures can be done if required, also including a pin length change, subject to possible NRE and minimum order quantity.

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