Image SPKA.46.8.A


SPKA.46.8.A – 8 Ohm 4 x 6 Inch Coaxial Speaker 25W

Featuring a rugged design, in an industry standard form factor enabling ease of installation in a wide range of vehicles, with high levels of long term reliability and best in class performance Taoglas products are known for.

Our 4 x 6 Inch Two Way Coaxial Speaker offers full range frequency response and high sensitivity, with 8 Ohm impedance and power handling of 25W RMS and 50W peak. Proven performance in demanding environments
including heavy duty trucks and industrial and agricultural equipment. Taoglas added speakers to our product portfolio to provide both high quality connectivity and high quality audio solutions from one trusted company.

Please contact your regional Taoglas customer service team for more information and installation guidelines.

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